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Pin Closure Types

       Types of pin closures are as follows: tack back, clutch back, latch back, pin back, floppy pin back, safety pin back, clip-on safety pin back, stickpin, and magnet. Examples of each are listed here:

Tack Back

       Tack Back - Refers to a standard-length post requiring a typical butterfly or military clutch.

Clutch Back

       Clutch Back - Indicates that the post is longer and requires a tie-tack type of clutch to fasten it.

Latch Back

       Latch Back - Means that the pin closure has the ability to move in an arc of up to 180 degrees from a fulcrum point at one end of the attachment.

Pin Back

       Pin Back - Refers to a simple closure utilizing a looped end that holds the pointed end in place.

Floppy Pin Back

       Floppy Pin Back - Simply means that the closure is attached through a hollow cylinder which allows it to "flop" from side to side. Commonly found on pins from China and Japan.

Safety Pin Back

       Safety Pin Back - Indicates that the closure consists of a regular safety pin.

Clip-on Safety Pin Back

       Clip-on Safety Pin Back - Refers to the primary closure being a spring-loaded clip which is used in conjunction with a regular safety pin. Found mostly on pins froom Japan. 

Screw Back

       Screw Back - Indicates a screw post that requires a nut to complete the the attachment. Almost never seen on Olympic Bid Pins.


       Stickpin - Refers to a single long post with pointed tip which is bent at the attachment point and extends well beyond the bottom of the pin. Commonly found on pins from Europe.

Magnet Back

       Magnet Back - Refers to the closure as being an object that produces a magnetic field.

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